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CREM Co is an independent contract and R&D laboratory uniquely positioned to provide value to the infection prevention and control (IPAC) industry as well as those working in health-related environmental microbiology and molecular biology. CREM Co has the expertise for assessing all major classes of pathogens on animate and inanimate surfaces using internationally accepted test protocols. Its state-of-the-art aerobiology facilities are designed to study airborne microbes and decontamination of indoor air. Their report, authored by world renowned Dr. Syed Sattar can be viewed below.


Did you know the STAL Shield has proven to be up to


effective in providing at-source blockade and confinement of airborne pathogens released by APG’s. This unique “first strike” approach is one of the STAL’s many features that reduces many downstream costs dramatically.


Assessment of the STAL Shield as a Generic Barrier Device to Reduce On-Site spread of Pathogens during Patient Care

99.5% Reduction - Contamination Blocked and Contained at-source.

Without STAL Shield
With STAL Shield

Excerpt from CremCo Lab Study Report:

“The STAL Shield proved to be highly effective in reducing pathogen spread by air and by splashes. The findings of this investigation reinforce the usefulness of the STAL Shield as a relatively simple and inexpensive device to significantly reduce the spread of pathogen contamination by air and via environmental surfaces. The device can also cut down the risk of contamination of PPE worn by medical and EMS personnel while providing patient care. The on-site reduction in pathogen contamination constitutes the primary barrier in infection prevention and control (IPAC), thereby reducing the need for more extensive environmental decontamination.” Dr. Syed Sattar – 2018

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