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High-Tech Attachment For Dentistry

It’s no secret that the mandated use of your HVE suction device has led to a flow of use-related injuries and career impacting effect. These range from Musculo-skeletal injuries of your hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, neck and torso.  Further, many Dental Hygienists have retired early or changed careers midstream or early on. Many have changed their practices, downsizing their scope of services due to concern of injury or infection. You’ve seen what the STAL can do for Infection Prevention and Control, now look at how Prodaptive’s Albow can almost totally eliminate the strain on your arm from the torque exerted by your HVE and hose.

See how the attachment is proven to help you.

The Albow Provides Perfect Balance


Clenched hand and arched hose without Albow

HVE With Albow

Hose, Albow and HVE in perfect balance!

Data of Dental Device Tensions & Weights

Specifically relating to lateral tension forces on HVE Handles induced by various suction hose configurations – each weight measured x3

Suspended hose weight lighter vs heavier hose measured at distal end without attachments:

Heavier hose – 200 g
Lighter hose – 180 g
Saliva ejector – 95 g

Lateral Tension Forces at handle top of HVE Handle:

Heavier Hose w/o Albow – 420 g
Heavier Hose w Albow – 200 g

Lighter Hose w/o Albow – 400 g
Lighter Hose w Albow – 150 g

The STAL Shield and Albow
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The STAL Shield and Albow

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