STAL Shield Standards & FAQ

More to the point, why not more Engineered Controls? Engineered controls are few in medicine, though next to total elimination of a hazard they are the most effective and reliable, and least expensive solution. In most Western countries Engineered Safety Controls are mandated by all regulatory agencies.

In most applications the STAL acts to block and confine the dynamic contamination ejected from a source. By preventing contamination spread to other surfaces and vectors, including PPE, the properly used STAL can protect personnel, patients, equipment, the facility and the environment.

No, it helps protect PPE from bio-hazard exposure. PPE is your lowest protection level so the less it is contaminated the better. Less PPE contamination equals less risk of transferred contamination via PPE and reduced spread of contaminant.

Absolutely, the STAL can save your business money in several ways:

  1. by reducing the contamination of the Yankauer which requires replacement, or infects the patient.
  2. by reducing personnel and environmental contamination and cleanup times.
  3. by reducing the spread of contamination and infective agents thereby decreasing the demand and scope of clean-up procedures, allowing them to be more effective and less costly.

No, one size fits all! The patented flexible grommet will stretch to accommodate and seal snuggly to all suggested instruments in just a few seconds and can be pre-loaded for instant ready use.

If an Engineered Control is available to reduce the risk in a workplace, it must be employed. see part 5.55 WorkSafebc Occupational Health and Safety Reg.s

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