COVID-19 and the STAL Shield

Some known facts:

  • One way that Coronavirus or Covid-19 is passed from host to recipient is by droplet and spray transmission. In the medical setting this is often the result of Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures – AGMPs.
  • PPE alone is not only the lowest form of contamination protection available but provides a mobile surface for contamination to alight upon.
  • While COVID-19 is the global headline now, millions of people die every years of other HAI’s also spread by AGMPs.
  • Prodaptive’s STAL Shield can block and confine ‘at-source’ up to 99.5% of dynamic contamination from many AGMPs, addressing at least 9 different sources.
  • The STAL protects your PPE – potentially in short supply, and allows for a better care flow and safer work environment.
  • While nothing in IPAC is 100% by significantly reducing the environmental bio-burden later stage disinfectants can be far more effective.
  • By reducing the outward projection of bodily fluids from AGMPs consistant use of the STAL Shield can aid in reducing the contamination perimeter and aid in “flattening the curve” of the infection rate graph.
  • There is up to an 80% self-inoculation rate by healthcare workers when doffing PPE.

Anyone who is ‘sick’ or symptomatic with ‘flu-like’ symptoms is very likely contagious. Don’t assume it’s minor.

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