Dental Hygiene and the STAL Shield

STAL Shield

Helping Dental Hygienists fight COVID-19

Dental Hygienists are the most at-risk healthcare providers for exposure to AGP’s,  making them uniquely vulnerable to COVID-19 and all other blood and body fluid borne pathogens and contaminants.  

Not only that but mitigation efforts brought to their service in hast have resulted in a significant increase in MSI’s relating particularly to their mandated use of the HVI, or High Volume Evacuator.

With the use of the STAL Shield & Stand, dynamic and static contamination is stopped at its source

Here is an accumulation of debris from a high speed dentists drill after only 15 seconds of drilling.
Dental Hygienists
Here a CDH demonstrates best ergonomic posture while battling against the torque on the HVE handle, the equivalent of >420 g.
Typical position of oral secretions generated by normal tooth scaling activities, including all PPE and HVE.
STAL Shield on your HVE: the STAL Shield fits nicely but proudly on an HVE, ready to catch that by spray that the HVE misses. And it does.
Green Technology

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