Dental Hygiene and the STAL Shield

STAL Shield

Helping Dental Hygienists fight COVID-19

Dental Hygienists are the most at-risk healthcare providers for exposure to AGP’s,  making them uniquely vulnerable to COVID-19 and all other blood and body fluid borne pathogens and contaminants.  

Not only that but mitigation efforts brought to their service in hast have resulted in a significant increase in MSI’s relating particularly to their mandated use of the HVI, or High Volume Evacuator.

With the use of the STAL Shield & Stand, dynamic and static contamination is stopped at its source

Splatter capture by STAL after just 15 seconds of High-speed drilling!
Dental Hygienists
Here our Dental Hygienist consultant demonstrates best ergonomic posture despite HVE suction hose torque of approximately 420 grams.
Typical splash capture - this while attached to HVE.
STAL Shield on your HVE: the STAL Shield fits nicely but proudly on an HVE, ready to catch that by spray that the HVE misses. And it does.
HVE now perfectly balanced with Albow torque elimination device. Virtually no rotational torque with Albow inline.
Green Technology

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