The Business Case

Here is how using STAL Shield can improve your bottom line.

The indications for the use of the STAL Shield are clear and well documented. The imperative is compelling, global health is threatened. Rising costs are breaking systems.

Without STAL


Save money by making your best practices even better. The STAL can help by…

  • Raising the level of safety practices from the lowest - PPE - to nearly the highest as an Engineered Control, enhancing the level of care
  • Reducing staff exposure and personal clean-up time
  • Reducing patient clean-up time
  • Reducing environmental clean-up time
  • Often eliminating bed linen change time
  • Reducing need for additional staff resources to clean up or perform terminal cleaning
  • Reducing potential multi-shift or even long-term time-off for HAI infected, ill staff
  • Reducing need for cost of replacement staff at overtime or mandatory re-call rates
  • Reduced laundry demands so less wear-and-tear on systems and linens
  • Reduced power consumption cost
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Reduced fresh water converted to polluted water
  • Enhanced Standards of Safety Control and improved Standard of Care deliverable
  • Improves a corporate image and reputation, more attractive to patients and recruits
  • Reduced regulatory related fines for HAI’s
  • Improved patient turnover times
  • Rise in staff moral and corporate loyalty and appreciation
  • Reduced ‘ready to respond’ status for ground and air ambulances
  • Reduced cross contamination for scene responders giving them greater control over dynamic contamination situations
  • Reduces all of these costly factors for about the cost of 4 minutes of a nurse’s wage
  • Reduces environmental bio-burden making later disinfection far more effective

Be a leader! “Break the Chain of Infection Transmission” at the very first link!

Every negative impact and cost downstream of many Aerosol Generating Procedures can be significantly reduced by the unique at-source blockade the STAL Shield provides.

Infective patients will come into your system. Don’t allow their ‘bugs’ to roam freely. Save time, health and money with the STAL Shield and Stand.