It’s time move forward…

Developed in 1907 by Dr. Charles Yankauer, his suction catheter has become ubiquitous in many facets medical care. Unfortunately, until now it has never found a secure option to being stuck under the pillow, mattress, on the pa- tient and eventually onto the floor. After use it then contaminates anything it contacts potentially starting a chain of spreading infection throughout a facil- ity. This is clearly not what we were taught - but we default to it for lack of op- tions. Even in training, (where they always have everything) there is no estab- lished procedure, nor, as seen in this video, not even a basic adherence to uni- versal precautions. This is why PPE is the least effective form of bio-hazard protection. With a STAL in place she would be far more protected.

Now with the STAL Shield available, this wrongful exception to the “first rule” in medicine, “Do no harm” can end.

Harm can come from…

  • Placing a suctioning instrument destined to the oral cavity and beyond anywhere that it may become contaminated or soiled with foreign mat- ter before or between suctioning activities.
  • Placing a used, thus contaminated, suction device anywhere that it will contaminate another surface or contribute to the spread of disease or infective agents.
  • Engaging in a medical procedure that may spread infection or contamination without taking all precautions to prevent such contamination. Suctioning, abscess drainage and wound irrigation are just such high risk procedures. The STAL is the tool that can now mitigate these risks.

  • Shunning change, even that which improves patient, practitioner and institutional safety and well being.

    …all of which we do now’.

    Never again should -

    • you be securing the Yankauer under a pillow between uses,
    • be vomited on while suctioning
    • spurting abscess goo contaminate you or the monitor “tree” from your next I & D,
    • you be splashed on while irrigating wound debris.
    • be sprayed and soiled when flushing Foleys, CBI’s or other drainage / supply tubes
    • contaminate your resuscitation room from floor to ceiling when preforming a
    • thoracostomy or trach with a Kelly Clamp, trochar or scalpel.
    • you have to fight with a Morgan lens or nasal canal to do continuous eye lavage

    With the STAL in place splash and spurts are blocked at their source, instruments sit securely and their working ends are kept off their resting surface. affordable, effective solution, mandated by WSBC as an Engineered Control, is poised to win the battle against runaway infection and wide-spread contamination in almost every medical setting you can imagine.

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