STAL Shield

STAL Shield And Stand (Yankauer Accessory) Concepts

The Stal provides you and your team with benefits that protect the health of patients and caregivers alike, save money, time and materiel. All this by stemming the at-source contamination problems all-too-common with the use of the Yankauer.

Contamination happens, we know that. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you do not. The STAL Shield and Stand helps protect you from both.

The STAL Shield and Stand was first conceived for use as a shield for the Yankauer suction wand. Trial and open ended thinking have found a host of unexpected benefits and applications.

The original concept of bio-contaminant shielding remains whether used with the Yankauer, a scalpel for lancing or a variety of irrigation delivery methods. For all three applications a great majority of the splash and ejected contamination is stopped by the STAL.

In Many Situations The STAL Shield Significantly Reduces Contamination!

The STAL Shield and Stand provides significant biohazard protection for Healthcare providers in a broad spectrum of practices and a host of applications. Emergency Airway management, wound care, abscess drainage, eye shield and irrigation and other procedures all benefit from the use of the STAL Shield and Stand.

Introducing the STAL Shield and Stand – a revolutionary adjunct to bio-hazard management that affordably and effectively improves the safety and cleanliness of your medical setting.

Yankauer Suction Tube ShieldThe STAL Shield is a simple and natural adaptation to numerous medical devices…the Yankauer suction catheter, scalpels and irrigation syringes are a few of the instruments which are used worldwide in highly contaminated situations. Emergency Rooms, OR’s, EMS systems, Veterinary, Military personnel, remote field medics, First Responders and clinics can all benefit by the application of the STAL Shield and Stand to their practice.





Yankauer Suction Tube Shield


The unique and versatile STAL Shield and Stand applied to a scalpel, irrigation syringe, manual suction device and Yankauer. In each case the working end of the device is up off its resting surface and staying clean.

We were taught this at the Academy?! I don’t recall that lesson…




Until now one of the major sources of contamination of the sterile/clean medical field has been the patient him or herself. Many routine and emergency procedures propagate and spread contaminants, sometimes across the room when least expected. Oral or other suctioning activities, draining of abscesses and the irrigation of wounds all generate varying amounts of spray, ejectii, spurting, coughed or otherwise all of which in today’s medicine must be considered sources of infection, and bio-contamination.

The STAL Shield and Stand provides crystal clear visibility for the practitioner whether they be preparing for intubation, or other oral suctioning efforts with the Yankauer catheter. After use the STAL helps secure the Yankauer to it’s resting surface eliminating the somewhat crude but all-too-common practice of wedging it under the pillow. Or pretending it didn’t actually touch a dirty part of the floor.

Likewise as a scalpel shield the STAL secures in seconds to the handle, just above the blade giving unimpeded visualization to the physician tasked with the unpleasant procedure of draining an abscess under tension. No longer need one chance stemming the outburst with a quick sponge…the STAL provides a domed shield containing any forcible undesirable exudate at the site…not on your smock, or worse. Put the scalpel on your tray and it stays of the surface and minimizes contamination of other equipment. Warning: the following video is quite unpleasant but real.

STAL Shield And StandAbscesses under tension can be not just unpleasant but spread infected contamination meters across a scene. The time and money spent mitigating the effects are incalculable, and the efforts often not totally effective. The STAL Shield and Stand can block the vast majority of many sources of dynamic fluid and droplet contamination. This Youtube video shows some of what you normally do not see…but should!


Irrigating wounds or the pocket just drained in the procedure above? Slide the STAL Shield and Stand onto the long tip of a 60 cc irrigation syringe and splash back of blood, and other potential bio-hazard vectors, is kept at the site, not on your assistant. Set the syringe down and the working end stays up and clear of its resting surface.

Does your unit use saline bottles specifically designed for irrigation? Just put the tip of the squeeze-bottle through the flexible Kraton diaphragm of the STAL and you are set! This applies both in human medicine, plus veterinary as well.

The Stal Shield provides significant resistance to the Yankauer being dragged off its resting virtue of its unique design the Stal Shield holds the Yankauer to clothing or sheets, skin or most other surfaces countering that age old problem of the suction tubing's weight pulling the Yankauer on to the floor. Which is where the "5 second rule" was developed by the way...not from your bagel on the cafeteria floor! Watch this Youtube video from 00: 44 and see what can happen with the wrong standards in mind.

The Stal Shields crystal clear construction allows for unfettered visualization... while suctioning so that critical actions such as larygoscopy are not interrupted. Airway management procedures are often "one shot" operations. Now you see it - now you don't!. The Stals crystal clear construction allows for clear viewing of landmarks while shielding you and your clean field from all that you don't want in your face.

How it Works - STAL Shield (Yankauer Accessory)

The Stal provides you and your team with shielding benefits and a secure solution to the many contamination control problems in health-care today. As a shield or a stand, the STAL helps isolate high-risk procedures from their surroundings. ‘Like it belongs there” is comment often said of the STAL be it on a suction catheter, scalpel, various irrigation devices or eye patch.

Used with the Yankauer suction tip the STAL secures in seconds. Simply introduce the suction wand through the flexible central diaphragm to just below your hand with the concave face towards the patient and the STAL goes to work. At this point you are either going to suction or set it aside in anticipation. Where ever you put the Yankauer down the STAL secures the clean business end up off the surface. Now when you pick it up not only is the tip clean, the handle and your hand stay clean as well.

STAL Shield And StandThe Yankauer is at rest, but the STAL Shield and Stand is hard at work. The tip is off the surface as is the handle. Even when dragged to the floor the tip almost never hits the surface. After more than a century of having no safe and secure resting place the Yankauer and several other critical medical apparatus now have shielding, support and contamination reduction easily and affordably available.





Portable Suction Devices like the Res-Q-Vac all succumb to gravity and find themselves flat on the ground. The STAL Shield slips onto almost all sizes of manual suction devices acting as a shield and supportive stand for the suction tube. Will fit the V-vac as well with a quick simple alteration of the STAL or you can order those specifically for the V-Vac

Incision and Drainage procedures can be some of the least appealing and most contaminating dealt with in the hospital setting. Fluid known to be laden with infective pathogens and their byproducts released in an uncontrolled manner under high pressure within the confines of a medical facility is never a good thing. A STAL Shield and Stand slipped up the scalpel to just above the blade will block virtually all released fluids while allowing the practitioner crystal clear vision of that critical initial puncture. Yes, after that decompression the clear view is gone – but that’s the whole idea in this case…stop the spurt.

Wound irrigation and cleansing, particularly those wounds gaping with clots or foreign matter or ground-in road-rash require forceful irrigation for proper cleaning. Whether your practice uses large 60cc syringes or 200 ml saline squirt bottles you can count on a good amount of splash back. Even if you are fully gowned and masked the splash-back gets everywhere. With the Stal Shield and Stand in place not only do the surroundings stay much cleaner but so does the irrigating device itself – and the hand holding it. Knocked over or resting on a surface the dispensing tip stays clear of the floor and the device stays put.

Eye irrigation and protection can be critical to ocular care. Taped in place over an injured eye the STAL’s dome shape, strength and transparency make it an ideal protective barrier. It allows for soft dressing underneath as required and is easily positioned so as to not interfere with the opposite eye function.

Additionally IV tubing can be taped in place in the os of the flexible diaphragm of the STAL for continuous rinsing and irrigation of the eye. Nothing but the rinsing solution need touch the surface of the eye.

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