Vomited Blood Matter With and Without STAL on Yankauer

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Coughed Particulate without STAL shield

Video of coughed particulate without STAL - click frame by frame of the 7 second segment and see the 'cloud' that envelopes the practitioners hand.

This is fine sawdust 'coughed' through some 3/8" suction tubing to approximate a human cough.

STAL on Yankauer

In the frames of the initial second you can see the particulate coughed by the model being deflected and re-directed away from the practitioner.

The contaminating cloud that would otherwise be in the caregivers inhalation zone is stopped at the source.

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Prodaptive Medical was formed to develop and market solutions to problems and shortcomings in equipment used in the medical field both pre-hospital and in-house. The partnership of two well seasoned emergency care providers with overlapping areas of practice and responsibility has proven invaluable in the development of Prodaptive's first product to market, the Stal Shield.

The Stal Shield and Stand arose from an obvious need to enhance the biohazard concerns inherent in the use of the Yankauer suction device. While initially designed as a shielding device, once it was into the prototype stage it was obvious that it served a variety of functions on several different apparatus as well. Other products are on the drawing boards and with input from practitioners, patients, production and manufacturing specialists Prodaptive Medical Innovations Ltd. sees growth ahead where the status quo is no longer "good enough". If your medical practice, treatment modalities or end user applications of any medically related product or system just isn't up to par, contact Prodaptive Medical today and we will find a better way. It's what we do.

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