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Videos of Interest

Here are a few test videos we did in development - try them at 25% speed and see what is really happening. ( speed can be adjusted with “gear’ symbol on video player toolbar).

Yankauer without STAL Shield

No STAL vs Coughed Particulate - Prodaptive Medical Innovations - Protec- tive Paramedic Gear


Yankauer with STAL Shield

Coughed Particulate with STAL on Yankauer - Prodaptive Medical - Protective Paramedic Gear


Video of coughed particulate without STAL - click frame by frame of the 7 sec- ond segment and see the 'cloud' that envelopes the practitioners hand, and then carries on past!
This is fine sawdust 'coughed' through some 3/8" suction tubing by a 60 cc syringeto approximate a human cough with fine particulate.

In the frames of the initial second you can see the particulate ‘coughed’ by the model being deflected and re-directed away from the practitioner.
The contaminating cloud that would otherwise be in the caregivers inhalation zone is stopped at the source.

What we do...

What the US Army did...

One evening in the ER… some typical laceration irrigations.

A Rule - You don’t know you have an epidemic until it’s well on its way.
Another Rule - You can not remove the splash that lands in your eye.