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It is going to take somewhat of revolution to effectively combat the crisis which is HAI’s. Billions of dollars are spent, perhaps millions of lives lost each year worldwide in part because the ‘system’ insists on reacting by cleaning up, not acting to prevent the spread of contaminants in the first place. In all cases where the STAL Shield is deployed it is set up to block the initial output of contaminants at their source. “Breaking the Chain” at the very first step, instead of after the last step as is done now. Want to Save Time, Save Money and Save Lives? Use the STAL Shield and see why an ounce of prevention still is worth many pounds of ineffective cure!

About Prodaptive Medical Innovations Ltd.

Prodaptive Medical develops and markets solutions to problems and shortcomings in equipment used in the clinical medicine. The partnership of two well seasoned emergency care providers with overlapping areas of expertise has resulted in the development of Prodaptive's first product to market, the STAL Shield.

In 2009 Al brought the idea to the concept stage arising from an obvious need to address the biohazard concerns inherent in the use of the Yankauer suction device. SARS had struck a deadly blow in Toronto and H1N1 loomed.

While initially designed as a shielding device, it quickly became apparent that it served numerous other functions as well, on half a dozen different instruments. Almost all applications have come from you, the practitoner, thank you very much!
Other products are on the drawing boards and with input from practitioners, patients, production and manufacturing specialists Prodaptive Medical sees growth ahead where the status quo is no longer "good enough”. ‘Making good better‘, is what we do.

About Al Wickheim

Al grew up near Sooke, B.C. doing a variety of shipyard duties for his Dad. Everything from wreck salvage diving of the rugged Westcoast of Vancouver Island to pile-driving and running a modest machine shop. Al spent a fair bit of time "underground' as a spelunker on the Island in his youth - sometimes forcing, him into new and unexplored passages and territory.

Starting with the local fire department as a volunteer for a couple of years Al next worked for BC Ambulance for 28 years, the last 18 as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic. He has been involved in several major projects for BCAS including managing the EMS outfitting for the B.C. Summer Games in 1986 and overseeing the preparation of 36 ambulances for the Commonwealth Games of ’88. He was involved in the development and teaching of the recent H1N1 and Infectious Disease Control program for the employer. He is a Level 11 CBRNE Tech. He worked for a well-established operation in Iqaluit and did the occasional Med-evac tour on Baffin Island in Canada’s far north, to as far as Thule, Greenland. Al is always seeking improvements that are seldom in the budget, but tireless to the end.

As an ERU Tech with the Canadian Red Cross Al was in Nepal in 2015
Al's background of innovation and self-sufficiency has taken him through various ventures of construction, hazardous tree topping and falling, bull-dozer and excavator operations.

Al and his family live in the rainforest of southern Vancouver Island (He does wilderness and big tree tours to remote regions of Vancouver Island.
At home, he works on managing the adventures established and coming up with new projects at a fairly constant rate. He enjoys astronomy and, well, work.

Too seldom he escapes on solo explorations to the more isolated rivers on the Westcoast of the Island.