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Prodaptive Medical is pleased to attend the following conferences in 2012, we would love to see you there!

We will be partaking in the EMS World Expo 2012 from October 29th - November 2nd, 2012 in New Orleans, LA.

Media Reviews and Conferences

In its short time of availability the STAL Shield and Stand by Prodaptive Medical has garnered significant attention in the medical arena and press.

Our first press exposure was through the generosity of the Canadian Emergency News Magazine and publisher Lyle Blumhagen. An initial description can be found in the Buyers Guide November 2011 vol.33, no.7.

Our first medical conference was the CAPA Conference in Victoria in October 21, 2010 where we were proud to be their first ever medical device exhibitor. We were not only received with great enthusiasm by the P.A.’s, Physicians, Nurses and medics but came away with several new ideas for the STAL. Applications in institutional settings as well as in the chaotic battle environment were explored and refined showing more utility and diversity for military deployment.

Dealers from as far away as Australia have sought our product and our attendance at the JEMSEMS Today Tradeshow in Baltimore (Jan 2011) was a great success. Repeatedly we heard comments like”…it’s about time…” or “why didn’t someone come up with that years ago?"

Our recognition in their JEMSY Awards among the Most Innovative Products was a great way to start our marketing. We are also found on pg. 63 in the June 2011 JEMS magazine.

Dr. Steve Wheeler (L) and Paramedic Al Wickheim of Prodaptive Medical Innovations demonstrating some of the applications of their new STAL Shield and Stand at the JEMS 2011 Baltimore EMS Trade Show where it was judged among the Most Innovative New Products in the JEMSY Awards.

In April 2011 Prodaptive was in Richmond B.C at the PICNet B.C. Conference where experts from around the province met to discuss Infection Control processes and concerns. The STAL was a well examined item, highlighting the importance of reducing the initial spread of unseen contaminants in all realms of health care. Several of the attendees noted the importance of keeping contaminants confined for both the ease and effectiveness of cleaning on the local scale but as well in helping to reduce the progressive spread of contamination by individuals and equipment re-locations throughout the department and institution. Many commented on the waste of dollars spent on massive clean-up operations instead of focusing more on the far more cost effective mitigation of the front end introduction of contaminants to the system.

More recently an article was presented to the Globe and Mail by Shannon Moneo about some of the issues surrounding the introduction of a new medical device to a crowded market. Look for this in Douglas Magazine’s August edition as well.

EMS 1 includes story March 8/2011 on STAL Shield.

Coming up Prodaptive’s crew will be demonstrating the STAL at the EMSWorld Expo in Las Vegas from August 31 – September 2. Check us out at booth #1414 and cast your vote for us in the Top Innovators Award contest at the show.

Check us out on Youtube for a demonstration of the STAL secured to a Yankauer suction tip.

Keep your eyes open to for our upcoming feature with Chris Monterra where he talks about the STAL, its use, benefits and applications while a paramedic crew shows the STAL in action.

Prodaptive Medical InnovationsE/R Physician Dr. Steve Wheeler and ALS Paramedic Al Wickheim of Prodaptive Medical demonstrate some of the numerous uses and applications of their STAL Shield and Stand.

Co-developed by the two veteran front-line practitioners, the STAL has far exceeded their initial idea as just a shield for the Yankauer – “It’s sort of the Swiss Army Knife of bio-contamination protection in the field and institutionally” they say. This is clearly more than just another gadget…

Steve and Al in Baltimore at the Jems/EMSToday 2011 Conference where the STAL was acclaimed as one of the Top New Innovations in the JEMSY Awards.